The Student Services and Marketing Division is a group of 7 full-time staff lead by Tess Johnson. Our vision is to create an environment that support the university and college mission of academic excellence.

We have developed programs for student success as well as supported new efforts in program development. Our division has 2 departments, The Academic Advisement Center (to be renamed Office of Student Services) and The Communications Office.

The vision for the Student Service Center is to continue to provide impeccable advisement services to our students but lead them in the direction they would like to go with superior programming. Recruitment is a vital component to this office as well putting us in the appropriate situation to highlight our academic programs with various constituencies.

The Communications Office has a similar vision in providing superior services in marketing as well as mass media, through web and design. That being said there are various support services rendered that require our attention as well.

We plan to continue to foster the following values and innovation in our division as well as the college.

  • Academic Excellence
  • Student Success
  • Innovative Support Services