Innovate: Task Details


Type Summary

Individual Tasks

  • Melina Gilbert

    • CJ Mandate: Review code and publish new issue when ready.
            Recurring: 10 hours twice a semester
    • This Report: Designed and coded website for report.
            Ongoing: 32 hours so far
    • CJ Career Fair: Creates and codes What's Happening and Sliders on the web site to promote Career Fair
            Recurring: 8 hours a semester
    • JQCJC: Upload new issues to website
            Recurring: 2 hours a semester
    • IFRTI: Coding website
            Ongoing: 8 hours so far
    • Project EnCriPT: Designed and coded project website.
            Completed: 16 hours in 2013
    • JQCJC: Designed and coded online edition of JQCJC.
            Completed: 20 hours in 2013
    • APCJ: Designed and coded online edition of APCJ.
            Completed: 80 hours in 2011
    • CJ Mandate: Developed new design for CJ Mandate to match the (then) current SHSU template.
            Completed: 120 hours in 2011
    • CJ Blog: Designed custom template for CoCJ Blog.
            Completed: 20 hours in 2011