Innovate: Task Details

Mass Email

Type Summary

To convert web-based publications into emails for distribution, the project must be reformatted to make it more attractive to the recipient by adding photos, graphics, text variation and links. Mass emails are created for all events, such as Real Talk, Beto Lectures, Voices, Lectures, and Liberty & Security series, as well as marketing initiatives for new and existing degrees programs, such as the Masters in Leadership and Management, the Master of Victim Services Management, the Master of Security Studies, online programs, and certificates. All emails must be reviewed and approved by the person sending it, and a work order is required for the University IT department to distribute mass emails with over 200 recipients.

Individual Tasks

  • Melina Gilbert

    • CJ Mandate: Format, proof, and submit Work Order for mass email.
            Recurring: 3 hours twice a semester
    • Project EnCriPT: Designing template for advertising/newsletter.
            Ongoing: 6 hours so far
    • CJ Mandate: Developed email template for CJ Mandate.
            Completed: 60 hours in 2011