Innovate: Task List

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Once all the data is in a proper database I will be able to sort this however we want. I can even make multiple sorting views, I just need to know what kind to make.


This involves researching, interviewing and writing stories on a broad range of topics and adapting their use for different mediums, including media, social media, web sites, blogs, and print. The process also includes identifying photos to illustrate stories as well as a review process, where subjects in the story, as well as Tess and the Dean, review and approve content. Finally, the process includes creating text and distributing story in various formats, including print, press releases, web and social media.

Data Entry

To develop current mailing lists for each project, which are individualized based on the audience targeted, information is collected from a variety of sources, including University Advancement, LEMIT, CMIT, and the College. That information must sorted so returned email mails can be updated by the sources of each list, and any duplicates are removed. In addition, data entry is required in various databases, which operate many aspects of the Web site, including the Directory, CJ Mandate, Jobs Page, Digital Media, Calendar of Events, Marketplace, CMIT and LEMIT events, and others.

Mass Email

To convert web-based publications into emails for distribution, the project must be reformatted to make it more attractive to the recipient by adding photos, graphics, text variation and links. Mass emails are created for all events, such as Real Talk, Beto Lectures, Voices, Lectures, and Liberty & Security series, as well as marketing initiatives for new and existing degrees programs, such as the Masters in Leadership and Management, the Master of Victim Services Management, the Master of Security Studies, online programs, and certificates. All emails must be reviewed and approved by the person sending it, and a work order is required for the University IT department to distribute mass emails with over 200 recipients.



Web App



Graphic Design



Student Services recruits for new undergraduate and graduate students in a wide variety of ways. Traditionally, we may go to high school campus to talk about program offered at the College or the high schools may visit the campus. We also recruit during Sam Houston State University events as well as through our affiliated professional institution. Finally, we visit local organizations to discuss our degree programs and activities.

Student Organizations

We also support student organizations and developed the CJ Ambassador program, which helps to mentor incoming students.


Provide opportunities to network with professionals in the field through our Real Talk Series and CJ Career Fair.


Special Programs

Special programs to bridge the gap between academics and the professional field to keep them engaged and connected.


This involves copyediting document for spelling or grammatical mistakes and clear, consist content that adheres to the high standard and policies of the College and University.