Innovate: Project Details

Houston Sexual Assault Kit Research Project Web Site

Project Summary

Funded by the National Institute of Justice, this "action-research" project examines unsubmitted sexual assault kits at the Houston Police Department. It explicitly involves multiple stakeholders in the process of diagnosing problems and then identifying appropriate responses. The project learns through research to improve existing processes. This approach is predicated on the idea that effective solutions demand a solid understanding of the context and sources of problems. The goals of the project include improving services for victims and holding offenders accountable. The Marketing department developed, maintains and updates the site. The web site is temporarily located here.

Individual Tasks

Below is a listing of all the individual parts that go into making this project a success. You can click on the person's name to view their staff page and see what else they are working on or click on the task type for more detailed information about what the task involves.