Innovate: Project Details

College of Criminal Justice Directory

Project Summary

The directory, located on the College of Criminal Justice Web site, is a comprehensive, interactive listing of all faculty and staff in the Criminal Justice Center, which provides easy access to personnel. The directory provides biographical information, curriculum vitaes and areas of expertise for all faculty members, as well as photos, titles, departments and contact information for all staff. It is the most popular destination for web visitors.

Individual Tasks

Below is a listing of all the individual parts that go into making this project a success. You can click on the person's name to view their staff page and see what else they are working on or click on the task type for more detailed information about what the task involves.

  • Harriet McHale

    • Data Entry: Enter data from printed directory to online database.
            Recurring: 20 hours a semester
    • Photography: Take, format, and upload directory photos.
            Recurring: 40 hours a semester
  • Beth Kuhles

    • Writing: Review and edit biographies to be posted in directory.
            Recurring: 20 hours a semester
  • Melina Gilbert

    • Data Entry: Update entries and upload CVs when faculty or staff request updates.
            Recurring: 10 hours a semester
    • Web App: Designing a new structure for Directory display.
            Ongoing: 20 hours so far
    • Database: Designed and built directory database.
            Completed: 100 hours in 2011