Innovate: Project Details

Student Services & Marketing Report

Project Summary

This interactive report provides a detailed look into the daily functions of Student Services and Marketing to see how we touch the lives of potential students, students, alumni, professionals and the public on a daily basis. It include key information about recruiting, retention, advertising, mass media and support services, as well as analytics, staffing and tasks performed.

Individual Tasks

Below is a listing of all the individual parts that go into making this project a success. You can click on the person's name to view their staff page and see what else they are working on or click on the task type for more detailed information about what the task involves.

  • Beth Kuhles

    • Writing: Wrote content and summaries for report.
            Ongoing: 32 hours so far
    • Data Entry: Entered data into database.
            Ongoing: 8 hours so far
  • Melina Gilbert

    • Database: Built database and interface for entering data.
            Ongoing: 16 hours so far
    • Website: Designed and coded website for report.
            Ongoing: 32 hours so far
    • Web App: Developed interavtice display for report data.
            Ongoing: 80 hours so far